FS 10: Casket

FS 10: Casket

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Small: 4 Bunches White Stock, 3 Bunches Red Carnations, 2 Bunches Blue Delphinum, 20 Stems Red Roses, 1 Bunch Green Wax. 

Medium: 5 Bunches White Stock, 4 Bunches Red Carnations, 3 Bunches Blue Delphinum, 30 Stems Red Roses, 1 Bunch Green Wax. 

Large: 6 Bunches White Stock, 5 Bunches Red Carnations, 4 Bunches Blue Delphinum, 40 Stems Red Roses, 1 Bunch Green Wax. 

The image shown here are in medium size. They are are an indication of the style and design. We will style a similar floral arrangement using fresh seasonal flowers. If you have specific requirements regarding your floral arrangement, please contact us.

Seasonal Disclaimer: All flowers and quantities are subject to seasonality and availability of products. Quantities of flowers may also vary depending on florist discretion.

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